Other Services

Other ServicesUnless you have a dedicated marketing team it's unlikely you have the time to manage your website to gain maximum potential from it. Having a new responsive website with a powerful CMS is just the first chapter of your online presence. It's simply the setup that then needs a marketing strategy to go with it.

  • How will the website be used?
  • How often will it be updated?
  • What methods of social media will be used to support the website?
  • How will it be monitored?

These questions should be considered during the design and development process and you may already have the answers but do you have the time? Search Engine Optimisation and the analysis of the data is a full time job in itself, so adding in the time to tweet and the time to regularly update website content and the whole process can become too time consuming to manage effectively.

We can offer advice and support for the following services and can offer you a range of maintenance contracts to suit your service requirements, your experience, your website and your marketing goals:

  • Website maintenance & support
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • SEO Analysis
  • Website Security Audit and Backups
  • IT Support


It's highly likely that a custom agreement will be required as everyones circumstances are unique. Use our pricing table below to work out a cost for your requirement or call us on 01295 533544 so we can develop a plan together.

Maintenance and Support
 Task  Price
Website Support  (per month)
1 hours support £50
Social Media Extras
Devise a Social Media Plan £100 (per plan)
Maintain a Social Media Plan £25 (per month)
 Search Engine Optimisation Extras 
SEO Monthly Review £200 (per month)
SEO Quarterly Review £75 (per month)
Security and Backups
Wordpress Maintenance Package £40 (per month)
Daily Website Backup £10 (per month)
Weekly Website Backup £5 (per month)