Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation ServicesSearch Engine Optimisation is one of those 'buzz' phrases you can't escape from. Whether it's an advert on a web page or an email from someone chancing their luck, you will probably have heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, but do you know what it means or how to influence it?

"#1 on Google"

If you haven't received an email from someone telling you they can get you to number one on Google then your email spam filters are working well! So what's wrong with this bold statement? First of all, Google may well be the largest, most recognised search engine, but it's by no means the only one and forgetting the likes of Bing and Yahoo will have a detrimental effect on your businesses being found online. That being said all search engines will use similar concepts for indexing your website so getting the basics right will go along way to a good search result across them all. So why can't you get to number 1? In truth you can but there's no guarantee of it and anyone who tells you they can is simply lying!

Let's use Google as our example. How does their complex search system work? Only a few really know and that's why there's no guarantee. SEO is a time consuming game but using knowledge and experience we've built up over several years it's one you're much more likely to win with us. It should be no surprise that many companies hire full time staff or dedicated agencies to focus on just this subject as it has a huge bearing on how and where you website will be found. Google and others will update their algorithms to meet latest trends and to put the emphasis on security in sites and that's why it's important you have someone advising you on what you should be doing.


Whether it's a dedicated team or one-off review we can have plans to suit. Call us to discuss your requirements and we'll tailor a plan to balance your budget and needs.

  • Review
  • FREE
  • Review of the SEO state of your website with recommended actions
  • Homepage review only
  • Analysis of site speed & security
  • Analysis of site content

  • Analysis of social media
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  • One-off SEO
  • starting from £300
  • A one-off site update to improve the most popular SEO factors
  • Sitewide updates
  • Server configuration updates
  • Content updates
    (must be reviewed after one month)
  • Social Media Advice
  • Ask Us
  • Dedicated
  • starting from £250 p/m
  • A continuous SEO strategy to get the best out of your website
  • Site wide performance updates
  • Server configuration updates
  • Content updates and analytical reports

  • Social Media Plan
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