In its infancy the Internet was a functional way of passing data, however, as its relevance grew it required improved aesthetics and with the emergence of the 'on the go' lifestyles, websites must now be fast too. We call this the 3 F's: flowery, functional, fast. Our 3 core services are aimed at exactly these points so we can produce a website that's built for the 4th F - the Future!

Web Design - the flowery bit

A website is a powerful and important marketing tool. It's an extension of your brand, your ethos and it's possibly the first interaction clients and customers have with you and your organisation. Think of it as your shop window, as that's how long you have to make an impact, will visitors walk on past or stop to take a look? Making an impact is just one aspect of the design process; is it aimed at your target audiences? Is it easy to navigate around the site? Is it responsive? Questions we worry about on your behalf, all you need to do is say WOW when you see our designs!

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Web Development - the functional bit

So you've got a visitor hooked into your website, now you need to keep them there and get an interaction from them. That's where the functional bit comes in. Development consists of all the bits of the site that do something, whether it's a simple contact form or a feature packed online shop, they are the functions that engage your visitors and require developing. Deciding which interactions are required for you depends on your goals. Are you looking for data collection? Online purchasing? Social interaction? Content management system? Whatever your goal we will discuss the endless possibilities open to you to ensure you keep your visitors interested and engaged.  

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Web Hosting - the fast bit

The 21st century is about the here and now, it's about having information at your fingertips and having it quick. The memory of the dial up internet tone hasn't quite faded and yet we're now in a fibre optic digital age where our watches only tell the time as a secondary function! An attractive, functional website has little hope of surviving into the future if it's not backed up by a hosting server that is capable of delivering the site here and now. Our privately managed servers can be customised to your needs, so you can concentrate on growing your business, and we'll concentrate on delivering the speed and security you expect.

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Search Engine Optimisation - the future

You simply can't rely on people finding your website, without a bit of effort. Optimising your site for search engines is a complex matter, a full time job in its own right, and one that can make or break your websites relevance. If you get SEO right it's like leaving the door open for perspective customers to walk in, get it wrong and the door needs unlocking first, a step too far for most to take. It's your responsibility to be found, not your customers to find you. With Google using ~200 factors to determine how your site should be indexed, getting onto page 1 of the search results is a competitive business requiring expert knowledge and advice. We can produce an SEO plan to fit your budget and ensure your door is wide open.

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Wordpress Development

Nearly a quarter of all websites are powered by Wordpress, a content management system that's free and open source with a large community of developers backing it. Ideal for e-commerce sites we would be happy to develop a new Wordpress site or develop an existing Wordpress site and ensure your site remains secure, functional and remains relevant to your business needs.

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Other Services

You're here because websites aren't your business, which probably means managing websites is not your business either. To keep a website relevant it needs regular attention, whether it's adding news articles, updating portfolios or keeping your staff contacts up to date you will be expected to ensure it remains relevant. We offer maintenance agreements so you can focus on your core business and we can manage your website and social media presence.

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