Limited by Name, Limitless by Nature!

/ April 1, 2022 / Rich Holmes

Ampersand Studio is now a Limited company!

The full company name will be Ampersand Studio Oxon Ltd. but we'll continue to trade as Ampersand Studio and nothing else will really change! You'll still get the same exceptional customer service, the same support for your website and the same high speed, secure hosting services.

Despite our name now being limited we're limitless in terms of how we can help you and your online presence. Whether you're considering a website project, in need of plugin development or want to develop an API we can do it all!

Our hosting options are also limitless as we can offer affordable hosting for most business websites or provide a dedicated server with any configuration options to suit your application.

To celebrate our limited status we will be offering promotions on our support and maintenance packages and hosting packages throughout April, so watch this space for updates and make sure you're following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to receive even more promotions!

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