Case Study: The Loft Beauty Rooms

, / April 5, 2022 / Rich Holmes

What a stunning website this turned out to be!

There was a need for the online presence of The Loft Beauty Rooms to be modernised and be more representative of the personality of The Lofty Ladies and we couldn't have been happier to make this come true!

It must be said that the branding was carried out by Lotte at Dr Brands and we had to develop the design into a responsive website. I think Claire from The Loft puts it better than I could!

"A huge hug and high five goes to the super patient Rich @ampersand_studio for taking our branding concept designed by the gorgeous Lotte at @drbrandsdepartment and working his creative techno wizadry to produce the perfect site to represent who we are and what we are all about!"

How Did We Do It?

For those more technical minded here is a summary of how we did it!

As a starting point, it's a Wordpress website that allowed us to build a responsive website with efficiency, knowing we are offering the latest standards of development and security. Wordpress needs plugins and themes to function and these are the major ones we used for this site.

The Astra theme is used on over 1.5m websites, with good reason! It's lightweight, fast and compatible with a large number of page builders.

If you like to start building from templates it comes with a good sized library of starter templates too.

If you have a vision, let us bring it to life and represent your personality on screen! Contact us for a quote and to send us your brief.

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