Case Study 2: Domain Name Control

Is your brand secure?

We continue the discussion on importance of controlling your domain with a second case study from 2023. If you have’t read our article or first case study we suggest starting there to understand why it’s so important.

Unlike the first case study, when this client contacted us they did have a website present but it wasn’t functioning correctly. It had some errors, some out of date text and pages that didn’t load. On the face of it, it looked like it would be a fix it job. A process of working through the errors, correcting them and carrying out any necessary updates but this one took a twist. Where the client thought the website was hosted wasn’t the actual location and where it was hosted, no one had any details for it. As before the hosting provider had dropped all communications.

As it happened the client wanted a refreshed website so we decided the best course of action would be to create a new site and then point the domain to the new location but that’s when the next hurdle was hit!

The client didn’t have access to the domain registrar details in order for us to point the domain to a new location. There was a 3rd party that had that control but they were reluctant to give away too much information, they could see that they were going to lose the client, having believed they were actually hosting the site - they weren’t, they just renewed and controlled the domain. We initiated a process of transferring the domain to an account the client controlled but we were powerless to approve the request, relying on the 3rd party.

It took several weeks but we did eventually take control and were then able to set up a new website and point the domain to the right location but it demonstrates the power of controlling your own domain. Hand that power over to someone else and you hand over your companies brand, identity and reputation. It can be a costly and timely process to regain control and you are reliant on the good will of others to help you.

If you don’t have control and want to make sure you protect your business get in touch and find out what you need to do. It’s not complicated or time consuming and will give you the peace of mind you didn’t know you needed!

To understand more about controlling your domain check out our article called Do you control your domain?

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