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Which do you use, tabs or accordions? Ever wanted both, depending on the screen size? Well now you can!

Let's face it, tabs on a mobile just don't work, you either have the tabs too close together or the tabs appear as a list and the content gets lost at the bottom. Response Accordion Tabs plugin solves these issues and offers a modern design to boot! Just drop your tabs into your page or post, using a shortcode and watch it change from accordions to tabs, depending on the device you use. What's more you can customise the screen size that it converts from.

Try below with a collection of responsive accordion tabs.

FREE Version!

Our Responsive Accordion Tab below demonstrates the transparent theme with horizontal tabs. Click through the tabs to view options available to you with our free version, including a lifetime of updates and installation support.If you’re looking for premium features, including vertical tabs and custom styling take a look at our pro option below.
Transparent Theme
Responsive Accordion Tabs

Our transparent theme provides you with a minimalist feel, perfect for most websites looking for that modern look.

Tabs appear as bubbles, indicating when selected, giving just a single highlight reference to not distract from the rest of the page.

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Responsive Accordion Tabs

Maybe you need a slightly darker look to your tabs to make them stand out on the page. Simply select the dark theme option and your content, and tab bar will stand out making them a focal point for your page.

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Responsive Accordion Tabs

Maybe you’re looking for something in between?

The minimalist look is not enough and the dark look is too much, simply use the light theme and meet in the middle!


seo compliance with alt tags

When you use the image feature you can also add an alt tag to ensure  you have full SEO compliance with your tab content.

If you have a lot of text, requiring a user to scroll, watch the image maintain it’s position to avoid the ugly site of blank white space!

Select an image from the media library or upload to your media library first.

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If you’d rather not include an image no problem, the content will extend the full width.

Use the text editor in order to enter text or images, formatted the way you want it for extra functionality. Add shortcodes within the tabs / accordions so you can include your favourite forms or image galleries.

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Are you looking for greater control and flexibility? Maybe you'd like vertical tabs or custom styling options? If so you need the Pro version, available with a trial!

PRO Version

You get all the customisation from the FREE version PLUS the option to have vertical tabs and custom styling so you can really blend your tabs with your theme.

Vertical Tabs
Responsive Accordion Tabs

If you have a large number of tabs or just want to ensure your tab content appears as high as possible then the pro version offers you the ability to select vertical tabs.

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Responsive Accordion Tabs

If the 3 themes that come as standard don’t quite do it for you then we provide a number of styling options to change tab colours and background colours so you can mix and match transparent areas with coloured areas.

RGBA colours mean you can set your own level of transparency for the colours too.

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Responsive Accordion Tabs

If you downsize your screen or view this page on a mobile you will see how your tabs automatically display as a more friendly accordion, making the best use of your page space.

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