Do I Need a Website?

/ April 23, 2024 / Rich Holmes

The fundamental purpose of a website is to showcase your brand to the online world and become your digital front door. In a society dominated by screens, not having a website can hinder your brand presence, no matter the size of your business.

"Can a Facebook page alone suffice as my online presence?" The answer, in short, is no. While a social media presence is crucial, it should not be your business's sole digital ambassador. Across numerous sectors, a robust website remains a primary driver for generating leads and converting customers.

One of our new clients this month told us how they know they’ve lost contracts because they haven’t got a website…..yet!

Understanding what you want your website to achieve is critical though. You will probably fall into one of the following categories:

1. Looking to sell products or take bookings online.
2. You need to demonstrate your expertise within your industry.
3. You’re looking to provide information that users can read or download that will help them make decisions.
4. Generate leads and enquiries for your organisation

Drop us a comment if you use your website for any other reason.

Understanding what you want your websites to achieve should be the first step in your web development process. Your aim should be for your website to reach it’s END game. It needs to be Engaging, Nutritional and offer Decisions for your visitors. This might be encouraging customers to make a purchase, encouraging them to pick up the phone or encouraging to download the latest information for your sector.

Once you understand how you’re going to assess the success of your website and you understand the audience that you’re aiming at you’re in the position to start the design process, we call this the Headstart approach.

What as been so common for many years is to create a design, develop the site, launch the site and then start to think about content and whether is delivering on what you hope to achieve. If the design isn’t focussed on your goals, it isn’t targeted at your audience you’ll find your self re designing the site again - we call this the false start for double the price!

In conclusion, this digital era necessitates a robust online presence through a well-crafted website. Think of it as the cornerstone of your brand's digital architecture.

Reach out to us to weave your digital story and help you better reach your audience, generate leads & enhance professionalism.

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