Fuse Socials Website Launched!

, / October 10, 2022 / Rich Holmes

In the final episode of our website launch trilogy, this one came as a request for a quick turnaround that we’ve managed to accommodate and get turned round in double quick time.

Although not always possible we do try our best!

It also helps when the team come to you with a clear idea of what they want, ideas for the content that could be used so I just have to put it all together and add the special touches that make it really stand out.

The Fuse Social team are here to ‘Ignite Your Brand’ with their knowledge and experience of the social media world! If your brand needs a boost these guys have it all. They’ll create your content, manage your content, prepare a strategy for you and provide insights in to how it’s doing. Boost your followers, boost your social engagement and ultimately boost your sales.

Check out their Facebook page FUSE Socials or new website at https://fusesocials.co.uk

The website is built on a WordPress platform, as a one page design but with the option to grow into a larger site as the business evolves. All video content has been produced by Phil Stanley Media, who has delivered a clear brief for us to work from.

It’s an exciting journey for this young, new business, but the energy and passion that is the force behind Fuse Socials will ensure it’s a success, not only for them but potentially for you too!

Good luck Phil and the rest of the team!

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