Happy World Sleep Day!

/ March 15, 2024 / Rich Holmes

Is your website hard at work today?

If you’re celebrating world sleep day, take a moment to think about your website, that never sleeps! But is it napping or running on empty?

Whether you’re asleep or at work you should consider your website as your sales employee that works 24 hours a day. It should be answering questions, generating leads or selling products at full speed. Although you can let it work, while you sleep, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve an appraisal every now and then. Just as you need to keep motivated your site needs to stay in top shape too.

Have you ever considered a website psychologist? Traditionally we all monitor our websites using Google Analytics, or equivalent, and there’s no doubting that data is useful but that’s what it is, data. You still need to interpret what it means and that can be a guessing game.

At Ampersand Studio Ltd we go 2 steps further.

⒈ We monitor user actions, so we can see how visitors actually use your site, where they scroll, what they click on and which parts of your site are being ignored. It gives the data some meaning and reduces that guessing game.

2. We use a website psychologist to walk through the site and question how the language makes a visitor feel, how engaging the site is to be on, does it offer a clear funnel to relevant information and services and are you giving your visitors a decision to make.

If your data shows a high bounce rate we can critically assess your site to understand why you might be encouraging users to navigate away.

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