Ultimate Package

£135.00£280.00 excl. VAT

Our ultimate, all in one package:

  • SEO plugin
  • Image optimisation plugin
  • Wordpress cache plugin
  • Asset clean up plugin
  • Compliance plugin
  • FREE Security plugin

Licensed to allow for updates throughout the year.

CDN and offsite backups are charged at £10 + VAT per month
Setup is a single one off fee
Overall Package is a yearly subscription

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Let’s make it simple! This Ultimate Package combines the SEO & Optimisation Package with the GDPR and Privacy Compliance Package and gives you the Security Package for FREE! Get all these plugins for the low price of £135 + VAT per annum.

  • SEO plugin
  • Image optimisation plugin
  • WordPress cache plugin
  • Asset clean up plugin
  • Compliance plugin
  • FREE Security plugin

SEO & Optimisation Package

For the ultimate SEO setup this package will give you SEO and optimisation tools. If you need your WordPress site to be optimised for speed and to pass Googles Core Web Vital stats this is the package has you covered, with the bonus of having a top ranking WordPress SEO plugin to support your keyword strategy as well! You will have use of an SEO plugin, an image optimisation plugin, a WordPress cache plugin and an asset clean up plugin, all licensed to allow for updates throughout the year.

In addition we can offer a setup service to ensure you’re getting the most from the plugins and that they are configured to balance optimisation with functionality.

For a pro setup we can also include a CDN service so your assets are delivered from edge servers around the world, giving you speed of light delivery of your asset files.

GDPR & Privacy Compliance Package

If you’re looking for an all in one GDPR, privacy policy and cookie policy compliancy for your WordPress website then this package includes the ability to install a plugin that will generate the necessary documents and text for your website, as well as displaying the required cookie acceptance banner on your website.

Security Package

If you want to ensure your WordPress website is protected from malicious attack, with a disaster recovery plan in place then take a look at our security package.

For a one off fee we’ll install and configure a security plugin as well as a backup plugin, scheduling daily backups to ensure your site has the best protection from attack and a restore solution should the worst ever happen.

For an additional £10 + VAT per month (100Gb limit) we can offer you offsite backup storage to make sure if your website files are lost your backups aren’t!


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