Website Development

Web Development ServicesSo you've got a visitor hooked into your website, now you need to keep them there and get an interaction from them. That's where the functional bit comes in. Development consists of all the bits of the site that do something, whether it's a simple contact form or a feature packed online shop, they are the functions that engage your visitors and that require developing. Deciding which interactions are required for you depends on your goals. Are you looking for data collection? Online purchasing? Social interaction? Content management system? Whatever your goal we will discuss the endless possibilities open to you to ensure you keep your visitors interested and engaged.

A content management system should be the foundation for your websites functionality. Being able to manage your websites content is critical to make a success of the website and should provide an easy to use interface to collect any data the website collects. A websites success should continually be monitored so having a content management system to adapt with the website is essential. We have developed our own, bespoke, content management system that has been developed from years of experience and user feedback in order to make it the most efficient and functional content management system available (in our opinion anyway!). We are also happy to work with the popular Wordpress content management system if this fits with your business needs. 

In order to establish what functionality is required for your website you need to establish the aims of your website. Is it purely for information or are you attempting to gather contact information from as many visitors as possible? Calls to action are extremely important in understanding how visitors use your website and they provide you with invaluable information about your potential customers. 


As development includes a wide range of possibilities we'd prefer to provide you with an accurate quote for your requirements. Chat with us now or call us on 01295 533544 to discuss the functionality you'd like to see on your website. Whether it's a content management system, shopping cart or contact form you require we can provide you with a competitive quote to suit your budget.