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Local Website Hosting

A website can be hosted anywhere in the World and we have availability in a number of data centres globally, from New York and San Francisco to Singapore and Bangalore and more local web hosting in London. Most UK companies will prefer the use of the London location, however if you'd like your website hosted further a field we have that covered!

Based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, if you'd like to discuss your local web hosting needs in person we'd be happy to visit you. Alternatively the majority of the clients we service are from across the UK and Ireland as we can remotely set up website hosting and create a hosting plan to suit your needs over the phone and via email! 

Fast Website Hosting

The 21st century is about the here and now, it's about having information at your fingertips and having it quick. The memory of the dial up internet tone hasn't quite faded and yet we're now in a fibre optic digital age where our watches only tell the time as a secondary function! An attractive, functional website has little hope of surviving into the future if it's not backed up by a web hosting server that is capable of delivering the website here and now. Our privately managed servers can be customised to your needs, so you can concentrate on growing your business, and we'll concentrate on delivering the speed and security you expect.

Secure Website Hosting

2014 will be remembered, in part, for the large number of high profile data breaches and security exploits being exposed. The most memorable being hackers causing Sony to delay the release of a major film. As business managers you don't want to worry about how secure your data is or when the next Poodle may attack!  Let us worry about that! We use managed servers for our web hosting so only our clients websites are on the server, giving us the knowledge of what the server is being used for, enabling us to lock it down and upgrade the server and manage its performance to suit our needs. We use a data centre in London but can offer other international locations if required. 

Flexible Website Hosting

As your business grows, your hosting requirements will too and with our flexible hosting plans you can increase server capacity as and when you need it with options to move to dedicated hardware for maximum speed and security, if you so wish. In addition we offer offsite backup services to ensure your data will never be lost.

Website Hosting Prices

 If you're not sure what you need call us on 01295 533544 and we'll tailor the best package for you.

  • Shared
  • starting from £70 per annum
  • Secure web and email hosting for small and medium businesses
  • Starting from 3Gb storage
  • £12.50 per annum for each additional Gb
  • Control panel for email and web features
  • Flexibility to add features
  • Weekly / Daily offsite backup £5/£10 per month
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  • Dedicated
  • starting from £55 per month
  • Secure web and email hosting for large businesses
  • Starting from 25Gb storage
  • Upgrade RAM & CPU Cores
  • Control panel for email and web
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Weekly backup included
  • Ask Us