Wordpress Development

Wordpress is by far the largest content management system (CMS) in use. According to W3Techs, over 60% of sites using a CMS are powered by Wordpress, which equates to nearly a quarter of all websites. It's free to use and relies on the large community of developers which makes it both popular and powerful. It was originally focussed on managing blogs but developed into the CMS we know today. Any web developer can create a plugin to add to the large collection already in place and the design may be updated using what's known as Wordpress themes, to provide uniqueness and the functionality you require.

"With fame comes great responsibility"

When you have a 61% market share and a worldwide community developing plugins and updates, it can lead to vulnerabilities. It's important to know how to reduce the inevitable hacking attempts that will be made, how to develop plugins to avoid conflicts and how to stay on top of it all. That's where we come in. Any development we undertake on Wordpress sites is made responsibly and with longevity in mind. We can't control what others have done but we will ensure your site won't be affected by anything we do. Whether we work on your site from the start or you'd like additional development undertaken we will not only develop to our usual high standard we will also advise you on what else you can do to be a responsible Wordpress manager.


As with all development work we can't offer accurate costs without a full specification of your requirements, however, to give you an idea we have listed some of the more popular requests below. If you 're looking for a new website, Wordpress or otherwise, please check our prices on our Web Development page.

  • Site Restore
  • starting from £75
  • Restore a hacked or unresponsive Wordpress website
  • Restore from a backup (if available)
  • Scan files for known vulnerabilities
  • Update Wordpress, Plugins & Themes
  • Advise on future security plan
  • Ask Us
  • Resolve 500 / Blank Screen Error
  • starting from £50
  • Find and resolve cause of blank screen and stalled websites
  • Implement Wordpress resolution methods 
  • Scan plugins for conflict
  • Update Wordpress, Plugins & Themes
  • Advise on future security plan
  • Ask Us
  • Develop a Plugin
  • starting from £150
  • Develop a plugin to provide additional functionality to your website
  • Create a bespoke plugin
  • Develop an existing plugin
  • Update Wordpress, Plugins & Themes
  • Advise on future security plan
  • Ask Us